W-Adapter (Dust Plug)

Cam and groove couplings, also known as camlock fittings, are a form of hose coupling. Cam and groove couplings are popular because they are a simple and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting hoses quickly and without additional tools. Cam and groove fittings are commonly available in several materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass and polyproplyene.  Since cam and groove couplings have no threads that can become fouled they are suited best for moderately dirty environments such as septic tank pump trucks and chemical or fuel tanker trucks. They are especially well suited for situations where frequent changes of hoses are required, such as petroleum trucks. Consult Pioneer Rubber for specific media capabilities and applications.

Part NameMaterialAdapter SizeChain Lug Extension (G)
07WAluminum3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WBrass3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WStainless Steel3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WDuctile Iron3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WHard Coat Aluminum3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WCarbon Steel3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WPolypropylene3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WFood Grade Poly3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
07WNylon3/4 in.0.59 in. 15 mm
100WAluminum10 in.0.90 in. 23 mm
100WBrass10 in.0.90 in. 23 mm
100WStainless Steel10 in.0.90 in. 23 mm
100WDuctile Iron10 in.0.90 in. 23 mm
10WAluminum1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WBrass1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WStainless Steel1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WDuctile Iron1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WHard Coat Aluminum1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WCarbon Steel1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WPolypropylene1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WFood Grade Poly1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
10WNylon1 in.0.96 in. 24 mm
120WAluminum12 in.N/A
12WAluminum1-1/4 in.0.62 in. 16 mm
12WBrass1-1/4 in.0.62 in. 16 mm
12WStainless Steel1-1/4 in.0.62 in. 16 mm
12WDuctile Iron1-1/4 in.0.62 in. 16 mm
12WHard Coat Aluminum1-1/4 in.0.62 in. 16 mm
12WPolypropylene1-1/4 in.0.62 in. 16 mm
12WFood Grade Poly1-1/4 in.0.62 in. 16 mm
15WAluminum1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WBrass1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WStainless Steel1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WDuctile Iron1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WHard Coat Aluminum1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WCarbon Steel1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WPolypropylene1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WFood Grade Poly1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
15WNylon1-1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
20WAluminum2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WBrass2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WStainless Steel2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WDuctile Iron2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WHard Coat Aluminum2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WCarbon Steel2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WPolypropylene2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WFood Grade Poly2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
20WNylon2 in.0.70 in. 18 mm
25WAluminum2-1/2 in.0.81 in. 21 mm
25WBrass2-1/2 in.0.81 in. 21 mm
25WStainless Steel2-1/2 in.0.81 in. 21 mm
25WDuctile Iron2-1/2 in.0.81 in. 21 mm
25WHard Coat Aluminum2-1/2 in.0.81 in. 21 mm
30WAluminum3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WBrass3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WStainless Steel3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WDuctile Iron3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WHard Coat Aluminum3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WCarbon Steel3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WPolypropylene3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WFood Grade Poly3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
30WNylon3 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WAluminum4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WBrass4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WStainless Steel4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WDuctile Iron4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WHard Coat Aluminum4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WCarbon Steel4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WPolypropylene4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
40WFood Grade Poly4 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
50WAluminum5 in.0.85 in. 22 mm
50WBrass5 in.0.85 in. 22 mm
50WStainless Steel5 in.0.85 in. 22 mm
50WDuctile Iron5 in.0.85 in. 22 mm
50WHard Coat Aluminum5 in.0.85 in. 22 mm
60WAluminum6 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
60WBrass6 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
60WStainless Steel6 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
60WDuctile Iron6 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
60WHard Coat Aluminum6 in.1.00 in. 25 mm
80WAluminum8 in.1.18 in. 30 mm
80WBrass8 in.1.18 in. 30 mm
80WStainless Steel8 in.1.18 in. 30 mm
80WDuctile Iron8 in.1.18 in. 30 mm
80WHard Coat Aluminum8 in.1.18 in. 30 mm
E05WAluminum1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
E05WBrass1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
E05WStainless Steel1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
E05WDuctile Iron1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
E05WHard Coat Aluminum1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm
E05WCarbon Steel1/2 in.0.50 in. 13 mm

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