Universal/Maintenance Socks

This is the most versatile sock, specially treated to absorb most aggressive and nonaggressive liquids. These socks can be used to absorb acids and bases, as well as oil and water. One sock does it all.
Sturdy, absorbent socks are used to absorb and contain spills around machines or drums. Wrap socks around machinery to act as a dike. Also use socks to surround the spill, preventing liquids from spreading over the plant floor or down drains. These products are available in many types and sizes. Choose the right one for your application.
Item #SizeQuantity
S12G3" x 12'10 socks/case
S20G3" x 20'6 socks/case
S4G3" x 4'30 socks/case
S8G3" x 8'15 socks/case

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