Small Hose Assemblies

Small diameter hoses and hose assemblies are exceptionally suited for routing through confined spaces while maintaining the flexibility of a more robust hose. Specifically, small hoses are used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems where a smaller diameter hose is necessary in industries such as construction, agriculture and turf care.


Common applications include pilot lines and joystick controls. These assemblies make for a simplified installation process, reducing the need for tools for equipment plumbing.

Item #SizeLengthColorTypeFittings
GYPB04-25MM1/4"25'BluePliovic Tool1/4" MXM
GYPB06-25MM3/8"25'BluePliovic Tool1/4" MXM
GYPB08-25MM1/2"25'BluePliovic Tool3/8" MXM
GYPB04-50MM1/4"50'BluePliovic Tool1/4" MXM
GYPB06-50MM3/8"50'BluePliovic Tool1/4" MXM
GYPB08-50MM1/2"50'BluePliovic Tool3/8" MXM
GYPB04-100MM1/4"100'BluePliovic Tool1/4" MXM
GYPB06-100MM3/8"100'BluePliovic Tool1/4" MXM
GYPB08-100MM1/2"100'BluePliovic Tool3/8" MXM
GH04R-25MM1/4"25'RedRubber1/4" MXM
GH06R-25MM3/8"25'RedRubber1/4" MXM
GH08R-25MM1/2"25'RedRubber3/8" MXM
GH04R-50MM1/4"50'RedRubber1/4" MXM
GH06R-50MM3/8"50'RedRubber1/4" MXM
GH08R-50MM1/2"50'RedRubber3/8" MXM
GH04R-100MM1/4"100'RedRubber1/4" MXM
GH06R-100MM3/8"100'RedRubber1/4" MXM
GH08R-100MM1/2"100'RedRubber3/8" MXM

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