RYCO Hydraulics Black/Orange SAE 100R8 Hoses


Approvals: Meets or exceeds: SAE 100R8, EN855 Type 8.


Tube: White oil resistant seamless Polyester thermoplastic


Cover: Black, oil and abrasion resistant Polyurethane thermoplastic.
Orange non-conductive, oil and abrasion resistant Polyurethane thermoplastic.


Reinforcement: One braid of synthetic yarn


Temperature: -40°F to 203°F

Item #IDODBend RadiusWorking PressureDash Size
RT721/8"0.33"1.5"4000 psi2
RT733/16"0.42"3.5"4000 psi3
RT741/4"0.51"4"3670 psi4
RT763/8"0.65"5"3000 psi6
RT781/2"0.85"7"2670 psi8
RT7123/4"1.09"9.5"1670 psi12
RTNC721/8"0.33"1.5"4000 psi2
RTNC733/16"0.42"3.5"4000 psi3
RT7NC741/4"0.51"4"3670 psi4
RT7NC763/8"0.65"5"3000 psi6
RT7NC781/2"0.85"7"2670 psi8
RT7NC7123/4"1.09"9.5"1670 psi12

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