Dimpled Meltblown Pads

These dimpled sorbents are constructed with 1 ply of meltblown polypropylene. Pads and rolls are universal so they are used to absorb oil, water and water-based chemicals. Dimpled pads and rolls share the same features as our bonded-SM pads and rolls without the added layer of spunbond. By not adding the extra layer of spunbond, it makes the pads and rolls more economical. The dimpling process increases the strength and durability of the pads and rolls so they can be perforated like a paper towel. Perforations will help reduce waste and allow you to use the exact amount needed for the job.
Model #SizeWeightQuantity
DP100G15" x 18"High Loft100/bale
DP12G15" x 18"Heavy Weight100/bale
DP3030G30" x 30"Heavy Weight50/bale
DP6G15" x 18"Single Weight200/bale
DP9G15" x 18"Medium Weight100/bale
DR12G30" x 150'Heavy Weight1 roll
DR12G-215" x 150'Heavy Weight2 roll
DR6G30" x 300'Single Weight1 roll
DR6G-215" x 300'Single Weight2 roll
DR9G30" x 150'Medium Weight1 roll
DR9G-215" x 150'Medium Weight2 roll

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